NDA Customer Action Plan 2004-2006 - Our Committment to Staff

Our Commitment to Staff:

NDA recognises that its staff are a vital component to ensuring the quality of its customer services. Quality services are achieved through organisational commitments to develop staff appropriately.

The NDA recognises that the needs of the internal customer must be met with similar standards of consultation, timeliness and accessibility.

In order to demonstrate our willingness to develop we have identified the following opportunities in customer service training:

Performance Management and Development System

The Performance Management and Development System allows for continuous improvement through identifying, monitoring and assessing the needs of all staff on an ongoing and regular basis. The system focuses on the achievement and review of key organisational and individual objectives by teams and individuals in line with the overall strategy of the organisation. Thus all customer service training needs and positive contributions can be jointly recognised and appraised.

This is key to developing quality in our customer services


Training needs can be identified through the PMDS system and also through line managers as appropriate. The NDA sees its staff as an invaluable asset and as such commits a percentage of its overall budget to enhancing and developing staff skills. Individuals can avail of training off site or organisational training in-house.


The NDA strives to ensure all staff are constantly aware of the functions and work in progress in all departments. Staff are actively involved in strategic planning and in the implementation of the QCS initiative. The NDA recognises that the needs of the internal customer must be met with similar standards of consultation, timeliness and accessibility. An internal customer panel meets regularly to monitor levels of implementation against these standards.

Equality Policy

The NDA has an Equal Employment Opportunity Policy that also covers training, promotion, terms and conditions and legal obligations. This is currently under review and a more comprehensive Equality Policy will be introduced.

NDA staff equality proof all their work from submissions to collation of data and the provision of accessible services. For example, we recognise the status of Irish as an official language and will produce executive summaries of documentation in any official language upon request.

Promotion of Employee Welfare

The NDA complies with and recognises the importance of Health and Safety legislation in the workplace. A member of NDA staff has been appointed as the Safety Officer and representatives of the three NDA departments form the Health and Safety Committee.

Our Commitment to External Customers:

In order to enhance the quality of our customer service the NDA has identified and commits to the following standards in terms of quality of response and access.

Response Standards:

Meetings and visits to the NDA:

  • We will meet and greet you in a timely, courteous and fair manner
  • We will ensure our reception area is properly staffed during advertised opening hours (Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm)
  • We will ensure our receptionist is aware of the location of meetings and the availability of staff members
  • We will meet visitors promptly at reception and accompany them to the respective meeting room
  • We will ensure a private meeting area will be made available for business meetings
  • We will ensure any accessibility requirements you have for attendance will always be accommodated e.g. interpreter

Phoning the NDA:

  • We will always staff the main switchboard at reception during advertised opening hours
  • We will answer all calls promptly and politely. NDA staff members will identify themselves as part of the greeting
  • We will keep the caller informed if their query is being transferred to another staff member
  • We will ensure the caller is phoned back as quickly as possible if the staff member is unavailable
  • We will update voicemail on a daily basis to inform callers about staff availability
  • We will log all queries and allot a reference number and contact name in relation to the call.

Written Correspondence (inc letters, faxes, e-mails):

  • We will acknowledge all general enquiries correspondence within five working days of receipt
  • We will issue a substantive reply within twenty working days, where this is not possible an updated timeframe will be communicated to the customer
  • We will log all queries and allot a reference number and contact name in relation to the correspondence. Upon reply, the reference number and contact name will be communicated
  • We will activate an 'out of office' message where a staff member is away from the office for more than a working day. This will refer to a named NDA staff member who may be able to assist you with your query instead.

All customers shall be replied to through the same method of contact that the query was made in unless otherwise requested.

Freedom of Information (F.O.I.):

We will continue to ensure that the process of managing F.O.I. requests is as fair, accessible and transparent as possible. We also consistently strive to maintain the accuracy and timeliness of the appeals mechanism. If the requestor is unhappy after an internal appeal s/he has the option to appeal to the Information Commissioner.

Data Protection:

We will ensure that all information provided by our customers is gathered, recorded and stored in line with the Data Protection Act.

We will also further develop and promote our Data Protection Policy

Access Standards:

  • We will carry out an access audit on our premises every three years, or as necessary
  • We will ensure all external venues chosen for events are also assessed for their accessibility
  • We will develop and promote a Communications Strategy for communicating with all user groups
  • We will develop and deliver to a corporate style template around best practice standards for format, font, spacing etc for written correspondence and publications
  • We will publicise the text telephone (minicom) service on all NDA contact details
  • We will publish information in a variety of formats. Alternative formats will be produced on request
  • We will provide sign language interpreters at all public meetings/consultations unless the NDA has established before the event that attendees do not require this service
  • We will make sign language classes and text telephone training available to all staff
  • We will continue to strengthen relationships with representative organisation's of all our customers and across the equality grounds
  • We will continue to review, develop and publicise our Equality Policy
  • We will make training available for staff on producing alternative formats.


Visitors to the NDA site can find information on the structure of the organisation, view and order publications and learn more about the various policy, standards and research projects that are taking place. The website also identifies a number of key services that NDA offers such as the Online Library catalogue and the ability to search their Research Database. We will develop a web accessibility statement outlining our commitment to ensure the information on our web pages is accessible to all. In addition, the website presents customers with an online forum where they can provide feedback and constructive comment to the NDA.

The site aims to enable the customer by:

  • Providing information on upcoming NDA events/conferences/seminars
  • Providing recent NDA submissions, press releases and project updates for downloading
  • Hosting discussion forums
  • Providing links to other Irish Disability organisations' websites
  • Providing a Staff Contact page with relevant email addresses.


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