Appendix 1


The search methodology used for the literature review included the following

  1. The 2006 Journals in the NDA library were hand searched and journal articles selected. Bibliographies of selected journal articles were studied and the relevant references and relevant articles identified and procured
  2. The NDA library catalogue was searched for relevant books and journals
  3. A search on Google Scholar was carried out including
    a) In title: attitudes disability OR attitudes disabilities OR attitudes disabled. 2,060 articles found. Choosing a 10-year time period (1996-2006) narrowed this search. All in title: attitudes disability OR attitudes disabled OR attitudes disabilities Results 532
    b) Searches on, for example, social construction theory, stigma and prejudice.
  4. A search on relevant websites including government websites in Ireland, the UK and Canada and websites such as Mental Health Ireland and the United Nations.