Safe Evacuation for All

This publication is an updated version of the NDA's 2008 publication "Safe Evacuation and Egress for People With Disabilities". The new version of the publication has been largely rewritten, and is aimed at those involved in planning and managing safe evacuation from buildings for employees and visitors. This includes facilities and accommodation staff, health and safety staff, access officers, human resource professionals and others. It may also be of interest to people with disabilities and their representative organisations, and design professionals such as architects and engineers, particularly fire engineers, though it is not intended as a technical guide.

We do not have hard copy versions of this publication available at present.

The word version of the PEEP template is designed to be accessible for visually impaired staff members who use JAWS or other screen reader technology. If you or your staff have any difficulties with the forms or require them in different formats, please let us know.

Read Safe Evacuation for All online.

Other formats are available on request.

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