NDA Factsheets

One way of achieving empowerment, inclusiveness and equality is through greater awareness and understanding of the experiences of persons with disabilities, which is supported by data.  In order to help a wide audience understand what the data shows the NDA will produce a number of infographics on various aspects of life in relation to disability in Ireland over the next few years.  Infographics (Information Graphics) are graphic presentations of data, information or knowledge presented in a way that tells a story. Our first infographic looks at the numbers of persons in Ireland who have a disability and breaks this down by various characteristics.

NDA Factsheet 1: Disability statistics

This is the first in a series of factsheets that will look at different aspects of the lives of people with disabilities in Ireland. This factsheet looks at the number of people with a disability and some of their characteristics.

NDA Factsheet 2: Employment

This factsheet looks at disability and employment.

NDA Factsheet 3: NEET

This factsheet looks at young people with a disability who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET).

NDA Factsheet 4: Retaining people with a disability in the workforce

This factsheet looks retaining people with a disability in the workforce.

NDA Factsheet 5: Housing

This factsheet looks at the issues of housing and homelessness as experienced by persons with disabilities.